Tuesday, July 10, 2018



"That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments" Psa. 78:7

This Psalm may be described as a poem of history. From vs. 9, the singer reviews the history of the people of God, dwelling upon their persistent dis loyalties, and the unfailing goodness of God to them both in chastisement and deliverance. All this is a poetical illustration of the principle laid down in the first eight verses. In that first movement, the singer declares that it is the will of God that the story of His dealings with the nation should be taught systematically to the children of each succeeding generation. In these words the reason of this is set forth, as they reveal the effects which such teaching, adequately given, is bound to produce. Under its influence they will set their hope in God, will remember His works, and will keep His commandments. Observe the idea carefully. The immediate is stated last. It is that of OBEDIENCE TO THE LAW OF GOD. In order to that obedience, two inspiring activities are referred to: First, HOPE, which has to do with the future; and second, MEMORY, which has to do with the past. By such teaching of history as sets, it in relation to God, hope for the days to come will be centered in Him, and memory will be instructed by His works. This is a wonderful revelation of our duty concerning the young. It is also a key to the true WRITING OF HISTORY. History, written as it should be, will always show that all true prosperity comes from God, and that man has no hope except that which is centered in Him. History should always be the record of the works of God. Godless men distort history. That is to emphasize the important factor. History thus written, and thus taught, will so affect hope and memory in youth, as to constrain it to obedience to the God revealed; and this is the way of life for man and nation. Satan knows his pathway with history as God does.

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