Wednesday, July 4, 2018



"He hath scattered the peoples that delight in war" Psa. 68:30

The historic relations of this Psalm are obscure, and definite. They are obscure as to the actual, time of the composition, and as to the particular events in history which are celebrated. They are definite as to the use which has been made of it by men of faith; in the process of the centuries. Kirkpatrick finely says, of it: "To the Crusaders, setting out for the recovery of the Holy Land; to Savonarola and his monks, as they marched to the 'Trial of Fire' in the Piazza at Florence; to the Huguenots, who called it 'The song of battles'; to Cromwell, at Dunbar, as the sun rose on the mists of the morning and he charged Leslie's army—it has supplied words for the expression of their heartfelt convictions." To all of this we may add that, during the years of the First World War, perhaps no Psalm, with the single exception of the 46th, was more constantly used. It is preeminently the Psalm which celebrates the march of God with His people, against their foes and His, to assured and complete victory. The words we have stressed describe that victory in one application, and in a very remarkable way. The whole song is of war; one is conscious all through of the clash of conflict. Yet it is not a song in glorification of war. God is manifested as the GOD OF BATTLES, but His victory is that He scatters the people that delight in war. He does not delight in it; His purpose is to end it and He will with the greatest of battles. Here is the true test of the relation of men of faith to war. If the heart delights in war, God will make war the instrument for the discomfiture and defeat of that unholy passion. If the heart hates war, then He will give victory in war to those who thus fight. Whether that end has been reached, it is not for us to say. Certainly the principle had remarkable illustration in both the first and second world war and with a final one to follow and then war no more. They arm up now for the greatest of all with all nations against the nation that was created for the blessings of all nations as revealed in the previous article (Israel's Purpose for Existence). The nations reveal their hatred of God and His plan (Psa. 2).

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