Friday, July 13, 2018



"The love of Christ ... the fullness of God" Eph. 3:19

Here are two great phrases. They occur in one of the apostolic prayers for the saints. In that prayer the ULTIMATE DESIRE is that they should "know the love of Christ," in order that they "may be filled unto all the fullness of God." The idea, then, is that the knowledge of "the love of Christ" brings to the soul the experience of "the fullness of God." To be "filled unto all the fullness of God" is to find the ultimate experience of life. Where this is so, there is no true desire of the soul unsatisfied, no power of the soul undeveloped or idle. The true meaning of life is discovered, and that not as an ideal seen but unrealized, but as an actual experience. It is eternal life; it is PERFECTION; it is satisfaction. How then can it be attained? By KNOWING THE LOVE OF CHRIST, for in that there is the very FULLNESS OF GOD; and so wonderful is it, not only as a VISION, but in its POWER, that to know it is TO BE TRANSFORMED by it into the likeness of itself. To the finality of this knowledge and experience we have not yet attained; but if we know anything of the love of Christ, we know something of the FILLING OF THIS FULLNESS of God. That is the story of the beginning, the, process, and the consummation of true Christian experience. The love of Christ captures our hearts, and the life of God produces rest and quietness. The love of Christ is PROGRESSIVELY INTERPRETED to us by the Spirit, and the FULLNESS OF GOD BRINGS US MORE AND MORE INTO THE JOY OF LIFE. At last we shall come to FULL APPREHENSION. Then we shall come to a FINAL PERFECTION in the FINAL FULLNESS of God.

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