Saturday, July 14, 2018



"This . . . veil . . . is done away in Christ" 2 Cor. 3:14

This is a superlative statement of the perfection and permanence of the glory of Christ. The illustration is taken from the story of how Moses veiled his face when speaking to the people, after he descended from the Mount. The reason for that veiling was not that they should not see the shining of his face, but that they should not see that it was PASSING AWAY. They saw the shining and it was so glorious that they were filled with fear, and Moses did not put the veil on until he "had done speaking with them" (Exod. 34:33). Paul distinctly says that the veil was worn by Moses, "that the children of Israel should not look steadfastly on the end of that which was passing away." They looked on the glory, and then it was veiled, and the sense of the glory REMAINED. Had they seen it pass, that sense would have been lost. This interprets these words: "This . . . veil . . . is done away in Christ." It is DONE AWAY because His glory has no diminishing; it does not pass away. The assistance of Moses, that is, of the law, is that of CONDEMNATION. The assistance of Christ, that is, of grace, is that of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The former has a glory, and it is inspiring, but there is no hope in it for sinning men; and so it passes, for it leaves them SINNERS. The latter has a glory, more moving, for there is hope in it for sinning men; and so it never passes, for it makes them RIGHTEOUS. Because of the finality of the glory of Christ, He lifts an unveiled face upon men.

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