Sunday, May 29, 2016


James 5:13, 14, 15

The words that are used clearly describe the nature of the sickness and the condition of the one who is being anointed.

1d. The affliction produces a suffering which is sensuous.
"Afflicted" vs. 13
This word means the same as the words "suffering affliction" in verse 10, and the words "passions" in vs. 17. This expression admits what every sober-minded person will admit that there is bodily sickness which produces suffering and pain.

2d. The affliction is one which leaves a person strength less.
"Sick" vs. 14

This word means to be without strength within oneself for re­covery. It is the same word used in John 5:7 "impotent" describ­ing the man who could not help himself. He was without any power to do anything for himself.

3d. The affliction is one producing a condition that is serious. "sick" "raise up" vs. 15.

These two words tell their own story. The first means bedfast. The second means raising up from a bed of illness. Therefore, the sickness herein provided for are of a serious nature. Trifling matters are not to be considered as in place here.

3c. The anointing of the sick with oil. vs. 14
ld. The obligation laid upon the sick person.

le. The sick one is to take the initial step by calling for the elders. This will preclude divine healers running around gathering up all the sick in the community. "Let him call for the elders."

2e. This is a command laid upon the sick one, as the imperative mode of the verb indicates. He should be just as faithful in carrying out this command as any other in the New Testa­ment "Let him call".

3e. The command is to call for the elders of the church. Thus this evidently refers to those who are in some place of au­thority in the local church. Purity as well as position will be true of them. "elders of the Church"

4e. The sick one is to call the elders of the church to himself. This is clearly indicated by "to" compounded in the verb This will prevent the great mass meetings for the purpose of witnessing chicanery of divine healers.

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