Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Eternal Life

“And, behold, a [certain] lawyer stood up, and [tempted him], saying, Master, what shall I do to [inherit] eternal life” (Luke 10:25)?


From the “[certain]” (Obviously He knows who this certain person is. Cf. Mark 14:51; Luke 1:5; Luke 19:12) lawyer who asked how to inherit that life. Christ was asked the ultimate question for all life, “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?"  This was the life of the ages, life that is abiding, life that is full, the life that lacks limitation, life which is as broad as it is deep and as high, as it is long.

According to Jesus, a knowledge of the Father through the Son is eternal life; and knowing is a mental activity. Cf. John 17:3This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."


My knowledge of the Father is that He has not stopped working to get me to acknowledge that He loves me although I never knew the definition of love until I discovered that He sent His Son to die in my place so that He could forgive all my sins committed against Him and His Son so that I could be allowed to enter heaven to spend eternity with Him which is what He wanted from the very beginning when I drew my first breath.

The only reason I know this is because He told me.

That is eternal life. That I might know Him, the only true God, and Jesus Christ Whom He sent.

Open His book and get to know Him and His Son and ask His Spirit, the Holy One, to teach you these things.


And again the verse says that he [tempted] Him by asking this question. [tempted him] thoroughly tested with no hostility. Testing Jesus to the utmost thorough testing. If you want to know how high any teacher thinks, ask him how to inherit eternal life.

He was aspiring to higher ground. Although a professional person, he was still searching for the fullness of life. This man was conscious of his own deficiency.


[Inherit], not earn. Not just long life, but the life which is abiding, full, with no limitations. Broad as it is high.

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