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Dress Code of the NT

Dress Code of the NT


The Lord of Glory is Who we approach in the worship service, Whom we should invite and expect to join us, is the One Who caused a 3 day blindness with Saul of Tarsus when he came into His presence.

            How is He dressed on the throne? Everyone who saw Him fell as dead men. [Stephan who was already on the ground being stoned to death saw Him standing as a caring King, also John, Paul]

Eph. 6:11 starts to list the spiritual dress.

1 Tim. 2:9 says it one ought to be dressed in proper clothing, even addressing jewelry.  

Mark 15:17 The enemy dressed Him in royalty colors because He made claim to be the Royal One for the nation.

Luke 7:25 Those who lived and ruled from palaces were splendidly dressed and lived in luxury.

1 Pet. 3:3 Their external adornment here is seen to be quite extensive and while not demeaned, Paul taught limitation in some areas but the internal adornment needed their focus because of Who is being worshipped. He is my Friend, but He is also my Savior, He is also my God, He is also my Creator, He is also my Counselor, my Sovereign, He is also my Advocate, He is also my Teacher, He is also my Judge, He is also my Bridegroom.

He suffered for me, He died in my place, He comforts me, He has given me gifts of extreme value, He led me to my wife.

This is just a tidbit of Who I approach in a worship service. I want to present myself as appreciative of His love, care, and concern for me as one of His Father's servants. He is holy and should be thought of and treated as such.

Matt. 8:8 Fit dwelling to receive the Christ.

It is appalling to see what the youth think is proper or acceptable in a worship service of our day. They obviously are not considering those issues mentioned above. They are just happy to have anyone enter the worship place anymore and that is the mentality of the day. It is more sorrowful to see that the church is in such disarray to allow such array within its walls. Is that harsh or expecting too much? Maybe you ought to read the article above one more time

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