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Romans 3
Nobody wants a Savior unless that person is convinced of their need for that Savior. No one would place a value on His blood as propitiation unless they recognize their need for that shed blood. Like a flock of sheep they possess a need. As Adam being the head of the flock all the others blindly follow (Rom 5:12 - universal sin). Every one to his own way. We all re-enact his sin on a daily basis (Rom 3:23 - individual sin). This is known by the theologians as total depravity. Universal sin is explained by the individual sin (own way). Isaiah begins to explain the reason that the King should die and that being a substitutionary death for our sin, not His. The Representative of all sinful men before a Holy God. This 3 verse section of vs. 6-9 is the holy of holies to Isa. 53 of the temple of the revelation of His Scripture concerning the real purpose of His Son. Not even the Gospels in the N.T. give you the information of the Son of God and His purpose as this chapter. All they give you is information of how this happened and under what circumstances.

            No man will admit this need for they are so immersed in sin and conditioned by it that they know no difference. You will hear them say, "I am not so bad." You have just heard a person so immersed in sin that they don't know it. Like a fish in water, they fail to recognize they are even wet. The only way to get them to see their need is and to know how sinful you are? Take one look at Jesus Christ in the pages of Holy Scripture and you will see your need of a Savior. You cannot look in the face of Jesus and follow Him through the pages of Scripture and walk away and say "I am like He is!" This book is a mirror as well as a cleansing agent. It reflects your nature like a mirror that shows you how dirty your face is in the morning. You would never guess it until you look in that mirror. It's also the soap to do something about that dirt. The blood of Jesus is God's cleansing material.

<laid> upon Him. (paga) violent striking causing destruction. No gentleness at Calvary. This is where Jesus cried out "My God, My God!"  There was nothing gentle about this striking. Who killed Jesus on the Cross? It certainly wasn't the Romans or the Jews who told the Romans to nail Him there. It wasn't Satan who told the Jews to get the Romans to place Him there. Gen. 3:15 says that Satan would bruise His heel and through Judas Satan did that work. Heb. 9:14 says that death came to Christ through the Eternal Spirit. The same One Who brings sight and Who reveals the mysteries of God also brings death. See Isa. 40:7 and James 1:6; Psa 39:4-6; Luke 12:5. Jesus said the Son voluntarily laid His life down in John 10:17-18 and this Isa. 53:6 here says that the Father hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all (cf. John 3:16). Apart from Christ's death nobody in the human race could ever be saved. Let us not have our own ideas about what happened on the Cross God's Word can tell us what happened at Calvary.

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