Tuesday, May 8, 2018



"So the wall was finished" Neh. 6:15

The significant word in the statement is the word "so," as it calls us to reconsideration of how the dangerous and difficult work was accomplished. In elusively and exhaustively, we may at once say, the work was of God. That WALL WAS THE OUTWARD AND VISIBLE SYMBOL OF THE INCLUSION AND GUARDING OF THE REMNANT, until the Messiah should come and the Faith should appear. From now until then, this, remnant was to be kept inward. The Law was the custodian to bring them to Christ. The wall was the material expression of that isolation and security. When we turn from that consideration of the building of the wall by the will and through the overruling of God, to the human agencies, we find that the wall was built through the patriotism and high devotion of one man; and through the fact that he was able, by his influence and leadership, to weld the people into a unity of heart and purpose and endeavor which carried the sacred work to completion. The efforts of this man and the people were characterized by caution and courage, and passionate persistence against all opposing forces. Perhaps this latter quality is the most outstanding. By all means the enemies of the work sought to prevent its carrying out. HAVING BEGUN IN CONTEMPT, AND PROCEEDED THROUGH CONSPIRACY, THEY TURNED TO SUBTLETY. Against every, method, Nehemiah and his helpers were proof. Nothing turned them aside until the wall was finished. This strength against opposition was the outcome of a clear sense of the greatness of their task. Thus God's walls are always built, God's work is always done. He leads and guides and compels circumstances to aid His, workers; and they respond in agreement with His purpose, and in resolute refusal to allow anything from without or within to hinder them.

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