Sunday, May 27, 2018



"Jehovah will perfect that which concerns me" Psa. 138:8

That is the language of the utmost confidence. The hope is that of the COMPLETE REALIZATION OF PERSONALITY, BOTH AS TO ITS BEING, AND ITS PURPOSE. The hope is based, not upon the determination or effort of the singer, but upon Jehovah. It is so unequivocal, and withal so daring, that we ask as to its reason. How was it that this man was so sure about the matter? The Psalm is attributed to David. We are familiar at once with his excellence's, and his persistent defects. In the deepest of his being, the realm of desire, he was surely a man after God's own heart. But how gravely, yea even grossly, HE FAILED. In spite of all this failure, in this song he declared thus his complete confidence that Jehovah would perfect that which concerned him. Again we ask what made him sure. The answer is found in the whole song. Therein are celebrated those facts in God which inspired this confidence. Let us briefly note them. He is a GOD OF LOVING KINDNESS AND OF TRUTH. He is a GOD OF GREAT GLORY. He is a GOD WHO HAS RESPECT UNTO THE LOWLY. These things demand a response on the part of man. He must WORSHIP this God. He must CALL UPON HIM. God being what He is, when the soul of man, in its feebleness, and notwithstanding his often times failure, worships Him, and calls upon Him, there can be no question as to the issue. HE WILL PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS THAT SOUL. Here is the only place where man can be sure about himself. But here he may be absolutely sure. However dark the day and way; yes, and however great the failure; LET THE HEART BE LOYAL; then, at last, even though it be through the discipline of tears and of suffering, GOD WILL PERFECT THE LIFE.

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