Thursday, April 5, 2018



“And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, All authority is GIVEN UNTO ME in heaven and in earth.”  Matt. 28:18

The CENTRAL PERSONALITY being that of the ascended Man, is described as a "Lamb as though It had been slain," (Rev. 5:6) and the throne is the symbol of order. That order had been violated through the terrible catastrophe of human sin. There was no possible way for its restoration but the way of the Cross. Jesus of Nazareth having wrought righteousness in life, and atonement in death, and having received the seal of perfect victory, in the miracle of resur­rection, now passes to the very throne of power.
While it is thus seen that the only way to the throne was the way of the Cross, it is at once demonstrated that there could be no issue to the Cross of Christ other than His crowning and the ultimate restoration of the lost order. The ascended Man of Nazareth in the midst of the throne is none other than God the Son, invested in the counsel of the ever-blessed Trinity with all authority (Matt. 28:18), upon the basis of redemption work accomplished, and victory won over all the enemies of the human race.

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