Thursday, April 12, 2018



In previous articles two subjects have been dealt with, which must now be recalled and carefully remembered. First that man by his sin, distanced himself from God, passed out of the region of communion, and was “alienated from the life of God." (Eph. 4:18) Second, in the raising of Jesus of Nazareth from among the dead, God accepted Him as the One Who perfectly realized His original design in the creation of man, and by that raising finally rejected man in his failure and in his sin. He nevertheless, in that same reception by resurrection, received in Christ all those for whom He stood in the sacred and awful mystery of His death on the Cross. It becomes evident therefore that when, by the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit, man is joined to Christ, he is RESTORED TO GOD. This restoration is marvelous in its completeness and overwhelming as a manifestation of the wisdom of God. Some understanding of it may be gained by an examination under three aspects, as JUDICIAL, VITAL, and GOVERNMENTAL.

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