Tuesday, April 3, 2018



"the Name which is above every name," Phil. 2:9

Thus ascending, He led CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE (Eph. 4:8), He passed into the presence of God with the defeated foes of the race dragged at His chariot wheels, the Master of sin, the Vanquisher of Satan, the Overcomer of death, the insignia of Whose victory were the wounds that He bore, and the fact that He lived the life taken up after having been laid down in death. For Himself He stood in the PERFECTION OF HIS MANHOOD. For man He stood in the PERFECTION OF HIS SAVIORHOOD.
It is now that He is invested with the Name. In that most awe-inspiring of all passages dealing with His descent and ascent, the apostle declares that God gave unto Him "the Name which is above every name," (Phil. 2:9) and the occasion of the giving of the Name was His exaltation to heaven, after the perfect carrying out of that Divine work of Love which included humiliation and suffering and death.
In the ascension light what Name is this now bestowed upon the all-conquering Man? It is the old Name, full by ineffable music, THE NAME OF JESUS. It is the Name by which His mother first called Him in the innocence of infancy.
It is the Name by which men knew Him in the purity of His boyhood. 
It is the Name by which men called Him in the victory of His Manhood.
It is the Name by which disciples knew Him in the days of His teaching.
It is the Name which men wrote over His Cross in the hour of His dying.
It is the old Name, and yet He had never received it in all fullness until now. 
At His Incarnation the Name was a prophecy. "Thou shalt call His Name JESUS; for it is He that shall save His people from their sins.” (Matt. 1:21) That PROPHETIC NAME He carried through all life's mystery and ministry, the Name that told to those that understood that God's faith was centered in this innocent child, and holy Man. And now having accomplished all, perfected to finality the infinite plan of the Eternal Love, He is invested with the Name which at His birth was prophetic. The issue reached and in the center of the universe of God, the Man of Nazareth is enthroned, and named by the sweet Name that ever speaks of perfect humanity and ever declares the fulfillment of the purpose of salvation. At His birth the Name of Jesus was the proclamation of a Divine purpose. On Ascension Day it was the ratification of a victory, won. He gave Him the Name—JESUS.

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