Sunday, October 7, 2018



"I saw visions of God" Ezek. 1:1

Ezekiel is pre-eminently the prophet of hope. He was the contemporary, of Jeremiah, but a much younger man. Probably Jeremiah was exercising his ministry when Ezekiel was born. His work lay among the exiles in Babylon. In the first three chapters we have the account of his preparation for that work. Then his messages fall into two clearly defined sections; the 1st dealing with the Re-probation of the nation, and the 2nd foretelling its ultimate Restoration. He saw clearly the righteousness of the reprobation; but he saw with equal clearness that the original purpose of God for His people would be gloriously realized. In the words emphasized we have the secret of this clear outlook in each case. This man's call to prophetic ministry began with VISIONS OF GOD. These preceded the VOICE WHICH COMMISSIONED HIM. The symbolism of that vision of God is very wonderful, and is to be carefully pondered. That is not possible in a brief note. The arresting fact at the outset of our reading is that to a man in exile, and at a time when the national outlook was of the darkest, God granted these UNVEILING OF HIMSELF IN MYSTIC AND MARVELOUS IMAGERY. The inspiration of all well-founded hope in days of darkness and desolation is a CLEAR VISION OF GOD. The reading of' this chapter may have the effect of making us think, that if such visions were granted to us, we could have such confidence and hope. LET US THINK AGAIN, all that was suggested to Ezekiel by the fire, the living ones, the wheels, the spirit of life, HAS BEEN MORE CLEARLY REVEALED TO US IN THE SON OF HIS LOVE. To have seen the glory of God in the face of Jesus is to see the righteousness of all His judgments, and to be sure of the final victory of His love. In the Revelation we see again these symbols of Ezekiel gathered round a Throne in the midst of which is the Lamb (Rev. 17:7), as it had been slain (Rev. 5:6). One needs not to ask for visions but revelations of His Love as seen in His words He has left us in the scriptures.

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