Tuesday, September 25, 2018



"He surnamed . . . He surnamed" Mark 3:16, 17

This is a very suggestive story. To three of His twelve Apostles He gave SURNAMES. Perhaps He did the same for all. We do not know. The action in regard to these three is illustrative. Perhaps He always does the same for His own. If so, one wonders how He is surnaming us. The idea is purely speculative, but it is speculation on a profitable level, especially in the light of these revelations.
"Simon He surnamed Rock." This Simon was impulsive, restless, inconsistent, lacking cohesion. Yet He sur­named him Rock. The name was an indication of his UNREALIZED NATURAL CAPACITIES; and of the Lord's ability to realize them. The sons of Zebedee, James and John, He surnamed "Sons of Thunder”. They were men of GENTLE, FILIAL NATURE, QUIET MEN, and CONTENT TO ABIDE AT HOME IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR FATHER. Yet He surnamed them Sons of Thunder; men of AUTHORITY AND POWER. The principle was the same. In James was the capacity to be as LOYAL TO A MASTER AND A CAUSE AS TO DIE FOR THEM. In John was the mystic power which would make him A SEER, AND AN INTERPRETER OF THE GREAT THINGS OF LIFE. The Lord was able to bring these things to realization, and to employ them for His own glory in co-operation with His service.

And so again we wonder what is He naming us? The consideration is for the hour of lonely communion with Him. In such an hour we shall discover that His surnaming is always based upon two things; 1st, OUR CAPACITIES AS THE RESULT OF OUR FIRST BIRTH; and 2nd, HIS POWER TO REALIZE THOSE CAPACITIES. We shall find, moreover, that His power becomes operative when we are wholly yielded to Him.

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