Friday, September 28, 2018



"The valley of Achor for a door of hope" Hosea 2:1

What a wonderful phrase that is, and perhaps more so when we translate Achor, and read: "The valley of troubling for a door of hope." We are now introduced to the tragedy in the life of the prophet. Gomer had proved UNFAITHFUL, and that in the worst way, being guilty not of ADULTERY only, but of HARLOTRY. But while his own heart was thus stricken, Hosea was still in COMMUNION WITH GOD ABOUT ISRAEL, and preparing for his ministry to the people, perhaps already exercising it. Into that COMMUNION his personal sorrow entered, and Jehovah made it the means of making the prophet UNDERSTAND WHAT THE INFIDELITY OF ISRAEL MEANT TO HIM. Thus the prophet's words pass almost at once into the language of Jehovah. The anger of Jehovah is that of WOUNDED LOVE, and His dealings with His people are to be characterized by the severity which grows out of such anger. Through stern discipline, Israel will be RESTORED; that restoration being the purpose of the discipline: "The valley of troubling for a door of hope." It is easy to understand the wonder created in the soul of Hosea by all this. SUFFERING THROUGH THE SIN OF GOMER, HE WAS TAUGHT HOW GREAT THE SIN OF ISRAEL WAS, as Jehovah interpreted His own suffering by the suffering of His servant. Having dealt with Gomer by cutting her off from himself he agreed with the rightness of the Divine judgment of Israel. Having cut her off he was to buy her back as God will do with Israel. But was not this a new revelation to him? Jehovah spoke of such discipline as a "valley of troubling for a door of hope"! How about Gomer? Is that how he had thought of the action which he had rightly taken in regard to her?

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