Sunday, March 11, 2018



The Cross was the outworking in history of the re­demptive purposes of God. In it the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, was slain in view of those for whom His passion and death provided redemption and life; healing and perfecting. It would seem as though all the facts and forces of human life appeared in the presence of the desire (Passion) of the Son of God. What the Cross was to those composing this assem­bly, depended upon the attitude of mind and heart in which they gathered around it. To some it was the evangel of hope. To others it was a sentence of doom. In the present article we shall attempt to look at those gathered to the Cross, and to ask what the Cross meant to them.
In an examination of the records of the crucifixion pre­served for us by the four evangelists, we shall be able to fill in for ourselves a picture of that Cross with the per­sons surrounding it. As we have been intent upon the vision of the suffering Savior, we now turn to look at those who are round about Him, and at once are arrested by the strange mixture, and representative character of the MULTITUDE gathered to the mount called Calvary.
Let us first state without reference to classification, the persons mentioned in the Gospels, and then proceed to separate them into groups, and consider the suggestiveness in each case in the following articles.

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