Tuesday, March 6, 2018



For one moment, to slightly change the angle of observation, let it be kept in mind that in that Cross of Jesus GOD EXPRESSED HIS UNQUALIFIED HATRED OF SIN. The very fires that burn the sacrifice were the fires of His wrath against all evil. The fierceness of the flame was created by the intensity of love. God will not be dethroned, though His enthronement cost Him the Son of His love; and therein is most awfully visible the severity and the judgment of God. Yet that severity and judgment can never be understood except as it is clearly recognized that the force of them is His compassion. Of this there is no perfect illustration other than the Cross itself. I lift my eyes again to the Cross, and this I see, that in the mystery of its unfathomable anguish I discover that God will not be dethroned, though all hell be against Him, and this because of His mighty love. Let me utter it slowly and carefully, and yet out of my profoundest heart, if there be nothing to vindicate but His authority, then there is no necessity for the Cross; for the vindica­tion of justice, or judgment, or righteousness, or holiness in the last analysis may be realized by the destruction of man, retribution for man’s sin and how man would end the sorrowful dilemma. In such destruction, however, love would have been defeated, and for the vindication of that love, and what is infinitely more than its vindication, for its, own satisfaction, He will not permit man to dethrone Him. Amid the depth of the darkness of Calvary it is grace that triumphs in a great authority. He will not consult with man in his madness, but He will retain the throne for His very love of the foolish one. God found even in the midst of the ruin the possibility of redemption, and while God in Christ—for They cannot be separated—became the butt of brutal malice, He responded with tenderness; and when man's sin has done its worst in nailing Christ to the Cross with law­less hands, in that very Cross God plants the kiss of for­giveness upon the face of the murderers. It is the mag­nificent and majestic authority of love. He will love. We cannot prevent Him loving, and let me add reverently to that statement, He cannot help loving because He is Love. Love is stronger than death, mightier than the grave. Many waters cannot quench love. That is the anthem of the Cross. God retains the throne of authority because of His infinite love. He will never cease to love a single soul He has created. Man has trouble understanding that truth.

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