Sunday, September 24, 2017



"But who do you say that I am?" Matt. 16:15

This includes the most religious here on earth. It surely includes those who have such a wonderful plan for our individual lives, the hierarchy which rule and govern us. Nowhere is it more evident than in America. It includes those on both sides of the aisle and those in between. Those that are the downcast, the most vulnerable are the victims of their masterful plans that look out not for the ruled but for themselves. All they can do is point fingers. And it all heads to what Christ said it would, globalism on an ultimate scale. Again the victim is the downcast. Christ came and chose the low, the trodden to make fools of the wise and learned. He chose fishermen, not scholars. He has at His fingers the creation to undo the most mighty armies that might come against Him and His chosen ones. He has provided evidence in our most southern borders and below of His use of His creative skills to utterly destroy mans creative skills. They are no match for His. This display is only a foretaste of what is to come when He releases His wrath on this whole earth. Not only in America but across this whole earth that again is attempting a global thinking as a solution to care for mankinds needs. Babylon all over again, the failure of man to let God rule His creation. Here are our latest headlines: 2017 is the Deadliest Start for Tornadoes in the U.S. in 9 Years. Psalm 148:8 is still true. “Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word.” How do you fight a God with this as just one piece of His arsenal?
The wise statement following this ferocious Foe is also true. “Kings of the earth and all peoples; Princes and all judges of the earth; Both young men and virgins; Old men and children. Let them praise the name of the LORD, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above earth and heaven.” Psa. 148:11-13
Few will heed this warning that walk this earth on ground He created with the sky above them as the book of revelation unfolds.
Life is short and its responsibilities are great. Eph. 5:14-15. “For this reason it says, "Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you. Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise.”
The question was asked of Peter, the lowly fisherman, “Who do you say I am?” ”And Simon Peter answered and said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." A wise lowly man who did not fail. Matt. 16:15-16

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