Thursday, November 1, 2018



"The manna ceased" Josh. 5:12

The manna had been God's supernatural provision for the needs of His people during the time of their journeying’s in a wilderness where cultivation of the soil was impossible. They were now in a land already cultivated, and capable of cultivation. They were now fed with the corn of the land, and their future supply would depend upon their own labor. They would be as surely fed by God in the land as they had been in the wilderness; but they would now be responsible for co-operation with Him in the labor of their own hands. This has always been so. For the needs of His people, God always provides. When they are in such circumstances, under His direction, as THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES, HE CARES FOR THEM WITHOUT ANY ACTION ON THEIR PART. When it is possible for them TO ACT AND TO WORK, He provides for them through that ACTIVITY. God never employs supernatural methods of supplying needs which can, be met by natural means. In other words, He puts no premium upon laziness by His provisions for men. If for any reason, within the compass of His government of our lives, we are unable by our own effort to obtain what is necessary for our life and service, we may count upon Him to provide for us. When the hour comes in which that inability no longer exists—when we are able by thought and toil to secure necessary things—He demands that we use the strength He has provided, and in such use, He works together with us (2 Cor. 6:1). The manna always ceases when by industry we are able to produce bread.

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