Wednesday, August 1, 2018



"Founded upon the Rock" Matt. 7:25

In the closing sentences of His ethical statement, our Lord claimed full and final authority for all He had said; and that matchlessly, by thus declaring that to hear and to do, is to build upon a rock foundation, so securely that no storms can destroy the building. This figure of building may be applied in many ways. Indeed, in every way in which men are attempting to do constructive work, in individual character-building, in every phase of social realization, in national affairs, and in all international and racial matters. His words are fundamental and final. They result from His perfect understanding of all the deepest facts concerning humanity. TO ORDER ONE'S OWN LIFE ACCORDING TO HIS TEACHING IS TO REALIZE ALL ITS MEANING AND STRENGTH, AND SO TO MAKE IT PROOF AGAINST ALL DESTRUCTIVE FORCES (John 13:13). To obey His law is to realize the true kingdom of human lives, and so to ensure the order which abides, and in which righteousness issues in PEACE and in JOY. All this, however, is only possible as we are brought into living relationship with Him by the way of the Cross. We may hear His words, and even admire them; but we cannot do them EXCEPT IN THE POWER OF THE LIFE HE BESTOWS when we trust Him first as our Savior. The Mount of ethical proclamation reveals the need for the Mount of the Cross. Yet once more let it be said that the GIFT OF LIFE RECEIVED THROUGH GRACE must be wrought out to its full realization by OBEDIENCE TO THE LAWS OF LIFE GIVEN IN TRUTH. We are saved by GRACE AND TRUTH. You need the TRUTH to learn of the GRACE He offers. Therefore all our building, if it is to abide, must be sure-founded on the rock of HIS TEACHING. 

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