Monday, June 11, 2018



"I will" Psa. 101:1

The song is attributed to David, and there is no valid reason for questioning that suggestion as to authorship. It is evidently the song of a Ruler, a Prince, a King. In its first movement (vs. 1-4), it records the ruler's decisions concerning himself; in its second (vs. 5-8), it declares his decisions concerning the administration of his Kingdom. It is a Psalm of VOLITION. That is why we have emphasized its first two words. They run through all its stanzas. Trace them. Here is no appeal to others. All the way the singer is exercising HIS WILL. His decisions prove that he is doing so under the inspiration of TRUE INTELLECTUAL APPREHENSION, and pure EMOTIONAL IMPULSE. The important thing is that he is RESPONDING. This is always the matter of principal importance. Moreover, the nature of his decisions and the order of them are INSTRUCTIVE. This king is evidently seeking to act in every way in harmony with the CHARACTER and PURPOSE of the One and only King. He begins with himself. He will bring his own CHARACTER and CONDUCT into conformity with the way and will of Jehovah to Whom he offers his praise. Then he will govern according to the same standards. The persons and things which are unlike God he will not tolerate within his realm. Those persons and things which are in accordance with the will of God, he will cultivate and preserve. This is the true way of authority. THE FLOW BEGINS AT THE TOP WITH TRUE AUTHORITY.

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